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"Due Diligence"

Due diligence is vital in mitigating risk, and inadequate performance from suppliers that can compromise contracts.

Without due diligence your business is at danger from fake assaults that can bring about real misfortunes that were completely avoidable.

We are the specialists at providing the data you should have so you can trust business accomplices and arrange terms to the greatest advantage of your organization.

Successful operational due diligence gives both knowledge and solutions, and we use a full proof asset system which can educate us on people, corporate substances, governments and NGOs anyplace on the planet.”

Corporate Services

Corporate Investigations

Lawson’s consultancy meticulously investigate business operations and performance, With the aim of finding out whether the Partners, employee’s or contractors who work alongside or for you are upholding the company’s reputation, are not claiming false expenses or costing you money through in genuine absenteeism. Lawson’s consultancy also offers benefit fraud investigations and insurance fraud investigations whether be it accident or property. Background checks are a compulsory part of employment and Lawson’s are highly experienced in collecting up to date detailed background information so you as a company are able to make an informed decision on prospective employee’s.

Why Do I Need a Private Investigator to Undertake Business Investigations?

Information is power! Without it your business will be vulnerable and it is imperative that your business stays one step ahead to keep control, protect its reputation and prevent miss use or misconduct of your company’s legislation. Due diligence investigations will equip you with information that will protect your company against false allegations, sexual harassment issues, false or damaging media and social media it will also provide you with evidence to support your claims or suspicions about partners and employees.  Compliance audits / secret shoppers are crucial to monitoring how your work policies are being executed by staff and colleagues. Having this information will allow your company to rectify bad management and customer service which in turn will allow you to maintain and grow your business. Background checks will ascertain if staff and colleagues are trustworthy and truthful.    

What Other Areas Do You Cover for Business?

We have in the last year or so been inundated with online scams and uncovering the truth about stolen Identity’s. You may be unaware that you’re Identity and high business profile is being used in scams across the world. Don’t be caught out ask us to research a person who claims to be someone offering you money and we will find out the identity of the real person they are claiming to be.
At Lawson’s we specialise in benefit fraud and insurance fraud. The government are spending your tax money on people who are falsely claiming benefits.  We can observe and survey if these claims are real or fraud.