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Employee Absenteeism and Misconduct


Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. They are representatives of your company but unfortunately every business, large or small, experience employee misconduct, ranging from theft to laziness, moonlighting to malingering. If these incidents are not dealt with swiftly, they can affect company finances and cause low morale. A happy workforce is a productive one, so it’s essential to deal with cases of employee misconduct swiftly and efficiently.

Employee Absenteeism

No employer wants to accuse a member of staff who is genuinely ill, but sometimes not only are your suspicions right but also you are left in a vulnerable position as many other employees will know the member of staff are not genuine and see them get away with it and so the trend continues. Often, these sick days are the result of an employee wanting a long weekend due to many reasons including “heavy” weekends, which, over time, impacts company profits and productivity. On other occasions, employees may be working elsewhere while receiving sick pay from you, or even setting up their own business in direct competition with yours, using your intellectual property.

Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct covers a wide range of dishonest activities including property and intellectual theft, embezzlement, personal activities on company time, moonlighting, corporate espionage, and other dishonest activities such as fake time-sheets and false expense claims.

What Lawson’s consultancy can do for you

Lawson's Private investigators are important in an organization's battle against representative truancy and wrongdoing. At the point when named we will first talk about the issue with you, and consider any purposes for the representative's activities, before settling on the best strategy for every individual case.

Discreet observation and enquiries utilizing the most recent innovation and investigative strategies will be led in a non-intrusive way and will not come to the attention of the worker, in this way ensuring the representative boss relationship in honest to genuine cases.

All evidence will be presented to you in a clear, concise report, and will be admissible for use in a court case or tribunal.