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Surveillance and Observation


On the ground observation is the key to many cases whether it is your partner you suspect of dishonesty, a business colleague that might be trying to defraud you, an employee whose absentee record is unacceptable, and persons claiming benefits which they are not lawfully entitled to. Or maybe a loved one has spiralled into a lifestyle that could ruin their lives. To take action on any of the above you need evidence not suspicion, without it all that will happen is you will arm them with the knowledge of your suspicion which will make it 10 times harder to prove your worries.

To make an informed decision you need all the facts and surveillance is the best way to observe character traits and behaviour. To understand a person’s motives and to learn the real story behind their actions.

Our highly trained covert operatives are equipped with the latest visual and audio devises including night vision equipment, GPS trackers and hidden cameras. Our private investigators have the ability to observe from a distance or blend in with the surroundings naturally.

Operational surveillance is most popular in cases involving cheating partners, locating addresses, uncovering criminal activity, revealing benefit cheats and insurance fraud.