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Wayward Teen Surveillance

Wayward Teen Surveillance

In a perfect world our teenagers are the kind of kids who stay at home to study, and enjoy spending time with their parents. Just like we were????

Unfortunately the reality is that teenagers are susceptible at putting themselves in dangerous situations and making bad decisions. It’s all part of growing up, teenage boys think they’re indestructible, and teenage girls think they’ll never get caught. What’s really worrying is that they are oblivious to the many dangers around them.

While we can sit there with our fingers crossed that the worst won’t happen, and hope they’ll learn their lesson before any harm comes to them, we can also take steps to protect them. If you are concerned about any of your child’s behaviour or habits, or unsure what exactly they’re getting up to, one of our highly qualified agents can investigate the matter further. Parents are nearly always in the dark about what their teens are doing; sometimes it’s not as bad as we but sometimes it’s far worse. Either way you need to know for their own safety and wellbeing.

Our agents investigate teenage criminal activity, drug use and possession, binge drinking, truancy, promiscuity, unusual internet habits, as well as any suspicious new friends and acquaintances. Our surveillance and observation services include monitoring and observing your child’s activities and reporting back to you in detail. So you will have full knowledge of your child’s activities outside of home, without jeopardising their trust in you, and without raising their suspicions that their parents are watching or concerned.